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Simvalley ELM327 Wifi Obd Ii Automotive Diagnostics Scanner For I Phone I Pad I Pod Touch

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Simvalley ELM327 Wifi Obd Ii Automotive


Model: ELM327 WIFI
UPS: 030915082518
Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

Usually you'll get more affordable prices by purchasing on the web than you would in actual shops. Searching to buy a new Iphone accessory for your car? The Simvalley ELM327 Wifi Obd Ii Automotive Diagnostics Scanner For I Phone I Pad I Pod Touch, a great Iphone accessory by Simvalley™ is a brilliant solution. 0030915082518 is the EAN-13 barcode aka the International Article Number for this item. The color for the Iphone accessory is black. There's no doubt that you will like that the item comes with this feature of view real-time vehicle data while driving. The Iphone accessory dimensions are 1.25"H x 2.75"L x 1.2"W. It has a weight of 0.06 lbs. Where to buy the Simvalley ELM327 Wifi Obd Ii Automotive Diagnostics Scanner For I Phone I Pad I Pod Touch.

The ELM327 WIFI OBD2 interface is an engine performance and diagnostics tool for automotive professionals and enthusiasts that allows you to wirelessly connect your car's onboard computer from your any Wi Fi enabled device employing the compatible application or software. The i Phone i Pad or i Pod touch connection is created by WIFI in ad Hoc mode. Technical Specifications: IP: 192. 75 Watts Wi-Fi Standard: 802. 0. 255. 10 and Port 35000 The Wi Fi connectivity tends to make it compatible with your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod Touch, PC or Mac for yr 96+ OBD2 autos Display real-time sensor data, including: -Vehicle Speed -RPM -Fuel Consumption -Engine Coolant Temp -Fuel Pressure -Calc Engine Load -Throttle Position -Intake Manifold Pressure -Air Intake Temp -Timing Advance -Mass Air Flow -Fuel Level -Barometric Pressure -EVAP Vapor Pressure -Fuel Trim Note:The ELM327 WIFI Scanner is developed to operate with Apple i OS. 0. 168. 10 Subnet: 255. 168. 11a/b/g Apple i OS Easy Setup: -Go to Wi Fi settings, search for the Wi Fi connection and connect -Open your favorite application (Fuzzycar, REV and REV Lite, Dash Command, etc ). There are plenty of compatible software packages available that offer useful attributes such as real-time engine parameters and Engine check light reading and clearing. 255. Go to settings and check to create sure the configuration connection is set to 192. Software will have to be downloaded or purchased by way of the Apple App Shop It also provides support for high speed communications as nicely as a low energy sleep mode. 0 Port: 35000 Range: 50 FT Antenna Type: Internal Power Consumption: 0.


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