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Cobra IRAD200 I Radar Smart Detection For I Phone And Android Devices

Consumer Rating Rating 5 Stars
IRAD200 I Radar Smart Detection For I


Model: iRAD 200
UPS: 028377105968
Package Quantity: 1

For those in the market for a car Iphone accessory I have come up with very good info. The IRAD200 I Radar Smart a great Iphone accessory made by Cobra is a fantastic solution! One of the many key characteristics for this Iphone accessory is the alerts sound through the speaker while visual alerts are shown on phone through the i radar app. The car Iphone accessory is 1.15"H x 4.22"L x 2.92"W and has got a weight of 0.3 lbs. 028377105968 is the barcode for this Iphone accessory. To make certain that your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll supply some recommendations before you purchase this Iphone accessory. So that you aren't disappointed after buying it as well as in accordance with the item you require. You can also get price comparisons from vendors which I met, which means you truly get the best price at the moment for this excellent Iphone accessory. IRAD200 I Radar Smart. To take advantage of the great price I found, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this site.

The Cobra i RADAR 200 community-based detection system is a high performance detector that detects all radar and laser guns currently in use. It functions with i Phone and Android smartphones, provides 360 degrees protection, and reduces false alerts with City/Highway Mode. It alerts to speed and red light cameras, identified speed traps and dangerous intersections. The App shares alerts and locations in real-time using the Cobra i Radar Community. The Cobra i Radar App displays visual alerts from the detector on i Phone or Android smartphones.


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